I Like The Bot - But I Hate The Ads!

Fair enough - I don't like ads either! I'm conflicted here, because the revenue from the ads covers almost all of the hosting costs; but as a user I don't like seeing ads. And if you're like me, you probably never click on them anyway.

So, here are two ways you can get rid of those annoying ads:
  • Download The Code and Change it!
    You can see all of the code used to make the bot *and* you can change anything you like about it. It's not very hard at all, if you are willing to spend some time. You might find that you really enjoy it.

    This isn't the only way to go about it, but I think it's the easiest.

    1.) Download a free copy of Visual Studio Express (Desktop). Install it.
    2.) Download the Fishbot source code. Unzip it onto your machine.
    3.) Open the Gorden.vbproj file in Visual Studio.
    4.) Look inside ApplicationEvents.vb - read the code. Take out the lines that you don't want it to do.
    5.) Rebuild the project! Enjoy your ad-free bot and your free copy of Visual Studio Express!

  • Purchase The Ad-Free Version
    Okay, so you're a busy person and don't want to deal with the hassle of downloading source code. Or maybe you just want to help out the site with a small donation. That's awesome. Just select whatever price you want to pay and click the buy-now button.
    Price To Pay
    Then download the ad-free version here.

  • Install DropBox and Get Ad-Free For Free
    I know there are other cloud storage providers that give more space...but if you want to do me a favor - sign up for DropBox using this link. If you haven't heard of it, DropBox provides you with 2gb of storage space for free and a small app that runs on you PC to synch your storage to the cloud. If you sign up using that link I'll get some extra space and it won't cost you anything. If you don't like DropBox you can always uninstall it afterwards.

    Then download the ad-free version here.