HOLD ON! This bot is no longer safe. You can still get the source/use on private servers/but do not use the binaries on a public server.

Download The Latest Fishbot.zip

Due to work, school, and family - I stopped playing Wow before the MoP expansion. I haven't been using or updating the bot. Thank the contributors on GitHub for their hard work!

All of the new releases will be available through GitHub. You can find older releases there as well.

The file is .ZIP file. You'll need to 'Extract' the files to a location on your computer. If you haven't read the How to Use It Page just be sure to run the game *before* you click 'start' on the bot.

If you have trouble check out the FAQ for help. The most common problem is not installing the Microsoft .Net Framework (click the FAQ, it will explain how and why).

Happy Fishing!

Previous Versions Not On GitHub:
If you are having trouble with the newer versions you can always try these: Fishbot.zip (v2.1.1) Fishbot.zip (v3.0)