What Is The Deal With The Ads?

Ads are my attempt at recouping some of the development, web hosting, domain name costs on The Ultimate Fishbot. Let's face it, nobody wants to pay for software. Even if it's cheap. I think ads are the best option; but if you really don't like them - there is an ad free version.

Is This Illegal?

I'm not a lawyer - but I wouldn't be giving it away if I thought that it was.  Using the application is not against the law.  Naturally, my product is not endorsed by Blizzard.  Using it is a violation of the Terms of Service - you could, THEORETICALLY, get banned.  To date - exactly zero users of this product have been banned. Be reasonable about your use. Don't brag about your fishbot in trade chat.

What Does My Computer Need To Run Your Program?

If you are running WoW on a PC - this application should run just fine.  The only thing you might need is the .Net Framework.  It's a perfectly safe, free, download that you can get from Microsoft.com

What Can I Do To Avoid Getting Caught Botting?

The program itself shouldn't ever be the cause of a problem - but suspicious behavior still will be.  The best thing to do is leave your computer running while you are around and can keep an eye on it.  If you are eating dinner and you can look over at the screen - perfect.  If you are sleeping and you fish for 12 hours....someone might report you.

If you have the speakers cranked up - you'll be able to respond when someone talks to you.  

Can I Use My Computer While Botting?

No. (not easily)

This is a somewhat unpleasant side-effect of how the bot is written.  In order for the mouse clicks/movement to be as real as possible, your computer is actually moving the mouse and sending mouse clicks.  So - for the same reason you can't type an e-mail while fishing, you can't type an e-mail while botting.

However, if you are feeling particularly adventurous - you can run WoW and the bot in a Virtual Machine. I ran into a few headaches along the way, but was able to get it running and it worked great while allowing me to do whatever else I wanted.

Is The Source Code Available?

Yes it is. Over the last few years I haven't really had any time to play WoW or to work on the bot. After receiving a handful of requests for the source I felt like the best thing to do would be release the Source Code. Please feel free to visit the GitHub page to report bugs / request enhancements / view the code and submit fixes/changes.