The above comes straight from the application.  That's how easy it is to use.  Three steps.

When you do fish - you should still try to keep an eye on the game.  I'll walk away, but crank up my speakers.  No matter how great the bot is - other players might find it suspicious if you fish in the same spot for 12 hours.  If someone sends you a whisper - you'll want to be able to answer.  If a monster wanders into your path - you'll want to be able to fight.

Really - it's easier than you think.  And it only takes a few hours to max everything out for your character.  Use it on as many characters you like, on all of your servers.

But, don't worry.  If you do have a problem, let me know.  And I'll make sure you get through it, then update the FAQ page so that other people don't have the same problem.  The vast, vast, vast majority of times - you can solve the issue by modifying the bot's settings.  There are only a handful and they should be easy to understand.

Since each computer is different (you might be at a higher or lower resolution, your computer might be faster or slower than others) I've provided a way to modify all of those internal variables.  If you find that you are catching fish less than 90% of the time - you should probably tweak some of these settings.

And remember, if you can't figure it out - I'm always here to help.  The application is both simple and robust; it will work.